The Last Command by Baumann, Cooper, and Dodd Ch01

The human-Ahmanyan alliance is the strongest it has ever been, and their implacable enemies, the ruthless Xenobots, are on the defensive, cornered in their own star system.
Though the alliance is confident of victory, the cornered enemy is the most formidable and terrifying. The Xenobots still have one phenomenal weapon that can still bring them victory. The three Starmen David “Zip” Foster, Mark Seaton, and Joe Taylor are asked to go secretly to the very home planet of the Xenobots and disable it.
Richard Starlight, head of the Starmen, tells them, This is as hazardous a mission as I’ve ever asked anyone to accept. We are asking you to go into the heart of Luxa itself, against unknown odds, with little information, and no likelihood of getting any help if you need it. You will be on your own. The chances of your success are unknown but probably small. Your chances of survival are hardly better than that. Frankly, Starmen, I think that there is a strong likelihood that I may be asking you to take on your last command.
In The Last Command, the second Xenobot war will be fought, and one side will lose forever. There will be no third Xenobot war. The outcome is entirely dependent on the three Starmen.
The Last Command is part of the Starman Series ( copyright 2004 by David Baumann, Jon Cooper, and Mike Dodd. This reading is made available with their permission.
Of the Starman stories I’ve narrated this one has the best action sequences.

Ch01-Celebrating a Birthday

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