Fat Chance by Roy Trumbull Ch01

Fat Chance by Roy Trumbull – Creative Commons Copyright 2009 Some rights reserved.
Detective Abe Howard and his AI computer Maija are looking for a killer.

Members of high society are slimming down by getting massaged. Their fat is being removed via the hungry hands of aliens. The story is set 50+ years into the future. The Colorado River is more like a stream. The population in So. Ca is greatly reduced. The number of casinos in Vegas was reduced in a high stakes poker game. There is no money to keep the interstate highway system in repair. Freight trains do the heavy lifting. Cars are electric. Most travel is just local. The U.S. has drifted down and is now in the technological third world. The global “Big Olga” network was devised elsewhere.
The computer OS known by its slur “Mister Spaghetti” takes 5 1/2 hours to boot and burns out hard drives is less than a year.
The health care system was taken over by the major crime families long ago. It provides better profits than gambling, prostitution, or illegal drugs.
There is wordplay in Spanish, Yiddish, and a word or two in French and Finnish.
I’ve borrowed the character Lady Windermere from Oscar Wilde’s story “Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime” and turned her into the So. Ca social lioness Bea Windermere.

Fat Chance text

Ch01 The Man On the Slab

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