Master of Shadows Ch01

Ch01 The Region of Dissimilarity

Years after the Xenobots had been vanquished and their home planet destroyed, the human-Ahmanyan alliance discovered, to its dismay, that the Second Xenobot War was not, in fact, truly over. The Xenobot’s great weapon that had worked so efficiently in the long ago War of the First Races continued to run on its own, but like so much of the Xenobot’s technology, it was wearing out. A sudden collapse of this technology could bring about a catastrophe of unprecedented, perhaps galaxy-wide proportions. The weapon, after all, worked by distorting time and establishing artificial singularities; what would happen if what the Xenobots had twisted was released in a cataclysmic failure? Alarmingly, it was clear that failure was imminent, and not even the First Races had the knowledge or capability to harness the immense power of the deteriorating technology. Moreover, even the location of that weapon was not known. Could it be found in time? And even if it were found, what could be done about its looming breakdown? The resolution to the Starman saga will be found in this new Starman novel, Master of Shadows. It features an unlikely yet most fitting hero, and the outcome will take most readers by surprise.
copyright © 2011 David Baumann, Jon Cooper, and Mike Dodd All rights reserved.
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