Life Amongst The Modocs by Joaquin Miller

Joaquin Miller 1874

Joaquin Miller 1874

Joaquin Miller (1837 – 1913) spent 5 years with the Modoc Tribe whose home was in the forests at the base of Mt. Shasta in northern California. They and other tribes in the area were driven to near extinction by the influx of whites in search of gold.  The rivers were polluted by placer mining and the salmon came no more. The trout died. Game was much more easily hunted with rifles than with bows and arrows.

While this story could easily be a real downer, Miller takes us on an adventure in each chapter. His descriptive powers were exceptional and his observations of mankind a delight.

Chapter Titles and Links

01 Shadows of Shasta

02 El Vaquero

03 Fingerboard of Fate

04 High Low Jack and the Game

05 Life In A California Mining Camp

06 Down Among The Live Men

07 Snow! Nothing But Snow

08 Blood On The Snow

09 A Word For The Red Men

10 Two Little Indians

11 A Man For Breakfast

12 Bone and Sinew

13 A Storm In The Sierra

14 A House To Let

15 Turn To The Right As The Law Directs

16 Home

17 The Lost Cabin

18 Good-Bye

19 The Indian’s Account Of Creation

20 The Last Of The Log Cabin

21 My First Battle

22 My New Republic

23 Down In The Valley Of Death

24 A Prisoner

25 A New Departure

26 A Bloody Meeting

27 Bradley And Hirst

28 Battles On The Border

29 My Mission Of Peace

30 Death of Paquita

31 Last Battle For The Republic

32 After A Dozen Years

33 The Last Of The Children Of Shasta

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