Alex the Parrot-guin by Roy Trumbull Ch01

Creative Commons copyright 2007

The first part of this story was based on a wild tale I made up for my grandson Isaac one afternoon. After thinking it over I realized it might be developed further. Writers will tell you that if you create a good ensemble of characters that they’ll write the story for you. Well, It’s true.

This is the tale of a bird who was half parrot and half penguin. He was considered a living god by some and a Hollywood star by others. With his friends Juanita and Ruffa the dog he sails in an ancient Egyptian craft from an island in the Antarctic up to the large penguin colony at Punta Tombo, Argentina and is discovered by a movie company shooting yet another penguin movie.
I was into the third or fourth chapter of this story and I still had no satisfactory name for my hero. I’d tried three different names and still wasn’t happy. Then I read the obit of Alex, the amazing African gray parrot, who’d been the star of animal intelligence experiments. At once I knew that was the name I wanted. There is a new book about Alex, “Alex & Me” by Irene M. Pepperberg.

Alex the Parrot-guin text

Ch01 Tierra del Fuego

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